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Why NASA Employees Should Also Try Woodworking

It is widely known that NASA employees spend much of their time doing complex activities. This is to say – the programmers creating complex algorithms, researchers contemplating convoluted information, astronauts preparing for a space voyage, the engineers doing intricate calculations, among many other mentally strenuous processes. These may cause frustration or stress towards the employees and therefore they will need some time-off to rel., and one of the best ways to ease the mind is by woodworking.

Why woodworking? Woodworking, most especially traditional woodworking — the use of mere hand tools, can be a very relaxing activity. People have their own way of relaxing by doing the simplest of things like knitting, reading or painting. But just like how a painter expresses his soul on canvas, woodworking is the same; the only difference is that woodworking uses some wood and a chisel. Just like how Bob Ross expresses himself in his paintings, woodworking can be the same. This can be a great time for reflecting oneself by emptying the mind and focusing on the masterpiece you are creating. It may not look very good at first, but practice makes perfect. Woodworking also improves your focus and creativity, relieves the heart since it lowers blood pressure level, as well as it sharpens your mind because you are required to focus on the craft you are making. Woodworking also gives you greater knowledge as you go through different types of wood, saws, and chisels of varying sizes and possible art structures that can be made — edges and curves.

Woodworking most especially for NASA employees as well as other jobs which do not require many physical movements can be a good alternative exercise. Cutting laminates and woods burn out calories as much, or even more than regular workouts. Sawing or jig sawing helps maintain your joints healthy and your flexibility intact. Woodworking may also help NASA employees to reflect nature without technology. Working with wood using mere hand tools and not machines should help them appreciate the simplicity of life. Sitting down for a while, grabbing your wood of choice and your favorite chisel with a cup of coffee by side, is a wonderful way of relaxing the soul and mind. This way they can have much time thinking of their personal and spiritual life, without having thoughts of business matters inside the technological world. Spirituality is one of the core parts of human holism, with this activity, significant improvements will be made. Woodworking also improves patience. Creating good crafts will test your patience. Great crafts are made by patient crafters. By woodworking, NASA employees can improve their patience and persistence; since their work of elaborate nature requires much of it.

Traditional woodworking is great. Nonetheless working with power tools is also exceptional. If you are really into woodworking and aiming to build professional and bigger crafts, there are a lot of tools that can help such as power drills, table saws, circular saws, routing tools and more But the negative part of this is that it consumes much power. To compensate for the power cost is to have your own generator. It is the most commendable to have your own whole-house generators since you save much more rather than buying generators for just a few tools. The best ones yet are available at http://www.bestcabinettablesaw.com/whole-house-generators-reviews/

Toilet Room Must Haves For Astronauts

An astronaut’s life works in a totally different way in space than here on Earth. He must learn how to live without the amenities we all use in our homes, but most importantly, it’s the zero-gravity mode that’s toughest to handle. In that kind of environment, even going to the bathroom might be problematic. In our article we will precisely tackle this topic: toilet room must-haves to make astronauts feel comfortable in space.

How do toilets work in space?
The astronaut’s lifestyle in space is changed a lot from the lifestyle on Earth. The same thing applies when it comes to toilets. What’s important to know its that all spacecraft have unisex toilets. They are not as different as the ones you’d normally see in your home, but they’re not the same either. Usually, space toilets are hi-tech rooms, which have larger bases, come equipped with smaller bowls and their manufacturers provide them with big tubes.

In most cases, space toilets have commodes that are designed to hold our solid wastes and, like restrooms here on Earth. They also don’t lack the good, old-fashioned urinals. Now, space toilets are called unisex because they come with a funnel where both men and women can genital parts can fit and urinate by standing up. If people want it, they can also sit down while using the toilet, although it won’t be as comfortable as back in their homes.

What are the toilet room must-haves for astronauts in space?
Apart from the things we mentioned above, there are several other must-haves for every space toilet out there. One of those is the foot restraint, which prevents people from floating away when sitting and doing his job in the bathroom. They are also equipped with toe bars, where feet can be kept under. Additionally, a bar that looks like something similar to the one used for rollercoaster rides, is there to ensure ultimate protection for the astronauts.

People should also know that astronauts don’t have to bother to clean hard water stains from toilet. As another precautionary measure (they don’t want the waste to float around in zero gravity mode), toilet manufacturers decided to opt for flowing air technology and not basic water for flushing the toilet or even the sink.

If you wonder where do all the wastes dumped by astronauts go to, we have the answer for it as well The solid parts are actually placed in plastic bags that are sealed before being launched into space. Liquid waste, believe it or not, are cleaned and turned into drinking water, with the aid of some special tools and systems. This is how things are done on the International Space Station.

On other spaceships, solid waste is kept in containers and they are disposed of on Earth, while the liquid parts are thrown out in space. Before ending our article on toilet room must-haves to make astronauts feel comfortable, there’s something else we really need to mention. Using the bathroom can become even tougher for them if they are required to go outside the spacecraft on a constant basis (which happens a lot). Because it takes a long time to remove a spacesuit, astronauts have to use adult diapers to prevent unwanted accidents. These diapers are a common thing during take-offs and landings too.

Can Astronauts Play Table Tennis

The thought of space inspires thoughts of man’s ability to conquer the universe. Since man’s first mission to the moon, several expeditions to space have not slowed down. While we are stilling shooting for Mars, the International Space Station (ISS) boarded by a good number of an astronaut’s from different countries of the world has been in orbit for about 18 years. For 18 years, astronauts have lived in space, performing high-tech experiments and studying our universe at large. 

Life in space is nothing short of a magical experience. Living in space is very different from living on Earth. Astronaut’s get to live a life that contrasts the way of life they were used to on Earth. However, with a lot of training on Earth, Astronauts have adapted to this life and have been able to live complete lives in space. Of course, astronauts eat, go to the toilet and pay attention to their hygiene. Though they may not follow conventional Earth methods, they do all these things. The same goes for our topic of interest in this article. 

This is a very tricky question, no thanks to the concept and reality of micro-gravity. Also called ping-pong, the table tennis is a fast-paced game that circles around hitting a ball with a bat as you bend its movement in Earth’s space. It involves directing the ball under the influence of gravity.

The swirl, whoosh, ping and pong experience is completely impossible without the influence of a gravitational pull on the ball. However, the near absence of gravity does not still dictate that man cannot play table tennis in space. In 2016, Astronaut Scot Kelly was filmed in outer space playing with water goblets in space. Astronauts can play table tennis in outer space. To do this, they need special equipment that differs from what we use on Earth.

When it comes to playing table tennis in outer space or even on Earth, picking the right equipment is paramount. Like said earlier on, Astronauts require special equipment that differs from what we have on Earth.


Water Droplet: since objects float around in space, it could be dangerous for solid matter to float into certain parts of the spaceship. To curb this limitation, it is best to use water droplets as our improvised ball because they are less likely to cause damage to the ship. They do not give the same adrenaline ‘whoosh and swirl’ drive, but they do the job just fine.
Hydrophobic Paddles: these bat-shaped paddles repel water goblets allowing the Astronaut to hit the water goblet (improvised ball) in the direction he chooses. These paddles are light, handheld and fit comfortably in the hands. A very good improvisation for the normal bats.

Table: it is not table tennis without a table. Choosing a table depends on so many factors including space, use, and portability. All these factors come into play while selecting a table for table tennis in outer space. For more information on what table to choose, Astronauts could check this site for help: https://onmogul.com/stories/how-to-choose-the-right-ping-pong-table.

Toilet in space

Scientific research and findings have brought forth many technological advancements in many fields. Research is a continuous process which is done both in this planet even outside to other planets. However, these can only be achieved by use of spaceships which are vehicles that many scientists use for travelling and carrying out their studies in other planets. High-tech innovations have led to the improvement of these spacecraft’s because of more needs that arise as more and more research continues. It usually takes days, weeks or even months to travel to and from the other planes. There are a number of commonly known spaceships that are usually used in space travels.

These include;
Flyby spacecraft.

The welfare of those using a spaceship spearheaded the need to have a toilet inside it. Despite spaceships engines running as a result of burning gasses and fuel at very high temperatures and the gravitation forces which change from one planet another, a toilet was finally incorporated in the spaceship to settle the personal issues of the occupants.

To some extent, spaceship toilets differ from the normal toilets that we use on this planet. The difference is mostly attributed to the spaceship conditions and regulation regarding its performance which does not require the use of water. Whereas the normal flush toilets use water for flushing the waste products from the disposal point, the spaceship toilet uses a system of pressurized gas that sucks the wastes and directs it to a storage pot awaiting to be disposed of when the spaceship returns to earth.
Furthermore, unlike the usual toilets, where the human wastes mix and is collected together at the same storage point, in a spaceship, there is the separation of the wastes. The liquid wastes are sucked and directed in the space while the solid waste is the one which is stored until its return in order to be disposed of. It is quite an invention of its kind.

Nevertheless, freedom of depositing the waste products is granted to the toilet user, here on earth. This is not the case in the spaceship. The astronauts are required to fasten their bodies to the toilet in order to deposit their wastes. This is because of the gravitational pull of other planets which in most occasions acts upwards, pooling objects towards the sides rather on earth which it pulls the objects towards its center. They have to do so to avoid being carried up while still on the process.

All the users from both genders are restricted to using a single toilet tool while inside the spaceship. This sounds a bit unprofessional but it is the determination of what you are up to that keeps you going without considering personal privacy. If you think there are other alternative toilet options in a spaceship, then you are mistaken because even portable toilet bags cannot serve the astronauts because of time and gravity issues. More findings of the types of toilets that are fitted in the spaceships are present at http://www.thebestflushingtoilet.com. Visit here to get the latest models and reviews of the best flushing toilets.

Astronaut Plays Liquid Ping Pong in Space

An astronaut played ping pong in space in January 2016. If you are amazed to know this news, then there is more news for you. He played the ping pong not with any traditional ping pong ball, but with a ball of water.

How can he play ping pong with a ball of water?

In the space, there is no gravity. Things just fly or stand still. It largely depends on how the things are kept.

For example, if you throw something in space, it will continue to travel at the same speed. As there is no air, there will be no blocking.
The same thing happened with this astronaut. The name of this astronaut is Scott Kelly. He was in the international space station for 300 days.

He shared his video from the international space station. In this video, he said that he had some paddles which repel water. These paddles were hydrophobic. The hydrophobic paddles are like a raincoat. So, it becomes easy to play with water.

How did he play ping pong with a ball of water?

The hardest part of this ping pong was to beat a ball of water. It’s very risky in the space to play with water like stuff. If these water drops break into tiny particles, it can create disturbances within the space station.

However, Kelly in this video remained very cautious. He just pushed a tiny ping-pong shaped water drop from his water bag. Through a pipe, the water takes the shape of a ball. As there is no air and no gravitation, so, the water retained that shape.

After this Kelly with his water repellent paddles pushed the water ball up and down. The water ball moved from one side to the other with a very little push. Kelly with his experienced hands controlled the paddles and watched the water ball’s movement.

It was fascinating to watch somebody playing ping pong with a ball of water.

Being a Champion in Space

To become a ping pong champion like Kelly you have to travel to space and this will be a completely different experience for you. It’s not easy to play ping pong like Kelly. He was almost a year in space, and then he could do that.

If you think that you could be a champion with this ping pong table and paddles, you may have to consider many facts.

All the movements including your body movements must be trained. Without proper training, you may not have any chance to play like this.
The most important part is the velocity of the water ball. The astronaut played with the ball with extreme caution. If he had used more force, the water ball would not even be there. It would have caused an accident in space. The controlling played over the ball is the prime fact.

But, if you are experienced and skilled, you can be a champion with this ping pong table and paddles. You need a water repellent table and water repellent paddles.

Kelly has shown a marvelous thing on space. If you get inspiration from Kelly to play ping pong like him, You should be preparing yourself.

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