Let’s Talk About Space And Astronauts

Despite the large numbers of blogs and websites available globally, blogs about astronauts and space aren’t usually common as other blogs.

The Founder


Most private bloggers focus on other niches, and the only type of blogs you’d find on space are mostly governmental and public blogs.

Instead, you’d find many types of blogs on various niches like food and drinks, parenting, and health.

Yet, this scare in space blogs doesn’t negate the vast importance of space travel and astronauts in our world presently.

Global communication, defense management, and considerable technological advancements are some of the few golden strides achieved through space and astronauts’ travel.

Therefore, blogs about space and astronauts should be one of the most popular blogs available.

It’s in the light of correcting such scarcity that sentinelmission.org got founded.

Mission And Vision

Our Statement.

Mission and Vision

Sentinelmission.org is a space and astronauts blog which established its roots in the year 2021.
It has saddled itself with a responsibility to ensure there’s enough information on astronauts and space.
The mission and vision include;

● Providing credible articles and blog posts on space, astronauts, and the earth

● Informing our readers of the latest news on space, space travel, and astronauts

● Serving as a central meeting platform for our readers interested in everything space

● Advocating for the preservation of earth and space through earth-wise practices

● Connecting renowned astronauts with potential astronauts and readers.

Achieve Vision

How this Blog Will Achieve Its Vision.

Space Content

What do we call a blog without good content?

Content is what makes a blog a blog; content is king.

One way in which sentinelmission.org will therefore achieve its large but precise vision is by providing excellent content regularly.

What topics do we hope to cover?

Presently, sentinelmission.org has myriads of topics to cover on space and astronauts.

However, we also encourage our readers to actively contribute to the blog by providing their favorite space topics.

You can propose a topic by navigating to the contribution page and inputting the space topics.

Space Meet

Another way we’ll achieve our mission is through a program we call ‘Space Meet.’

What is Space Meet?

Space Meet is simply a session whereby astronauts cone onboard the blog to connect and interact with other individuals.

We divided Space Meet into two; Space Meet Space and Space Meet Readers.

The former involves meeting sessions where astronauts meet each other and discuss current events and happenings in the astrology world.

If you’re an astronaut, sentinelmission.org is where you can interact and develop long-term relationships with astronauts of the same mind.

The latter, Space Meet Readers initiative, is where astronauts communicate with readers, both space and non-space fans alike.

So, even if you’re not an astronaut, you’ve lots of things to gain and nothing to lose.

Probably, you’ve been wondering if and how the space institute will work together with the blog?

Well, the answer goes for a ‘yes.’

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