The Challenges Of Living In Space

It’s no secret that space is a hostile environment, and it takes a special kind of person to live and work in space. There are many challenges that come with living in space, such as the lack of gravity and extreme temperatures. It’s important to be prepared for these challenges if you want to live … Read more

Space and Astronauts

For centuries, humans have gazed at the stars, dreaming of ways to visit the distant worlds that they seem to contain. In the early 20th century, those dreams began to become a reality, as pioneers like Robert Goddard and Werner von Braun developed the technology that would eventually take us to the moon. Today, space … Read more

Five facts about Jade Rabbit that you may not have known!

On December 14th, the first rover to ever touch the surface of the moon was successfully deployed. Named “Jade Rabbit,” this rover is an important milestone in China’s space exploration history and will provide valuable data for future missions. Check out these five facts about Jade Rabbit that you may not have known! 1) JADE … Read more