How Many Apollo Astronauts Are Still Alive?

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What Do Astronauts Eat in Space?

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Who Was the First Black Astronaut?

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Who Was the First Astronaut?

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How Long Are Astronauts in Space?

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How Do Astronauts Pee?

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How Do Astronauts Get Back to Earth

As astronauts complete their missions in space and conclude their time aboard the International Space Station, the question arises: how do they make their way back to Earth? The process of returning from space involves a carefully orchestrated sequence of events, beginning with the departure from the space station and culminating in the safe landing … Read more

Why Are Astronauts Weightless in the Space Station

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Why Do Astronauts Float in Space

In the vast expanse of space, where the laws of physics seem to bend to their limits, one peculiar phenomenon captures our curiosity: why do astronauts float? The answer lies in the absence of gravity. Yes, the force that keeps us grounded on Earth is noticeably absent in the vastness of outer space. But what … Read more