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Meteor Strike Airs On NOVA (PBS)

NOVA’s timely and exceptional television program, “Meteor Strike”, aired on March 27 and is available to view online. The program features interviews with two members of B612′s Board of Directors: Chair Emeritus and Apollo 9 astronaut Rusty Schweickart and Dan Durda, Principal Scientist in the Southwest Research Institute’s (SwRI) Dept. of Space Studies in Boulder, Colorado. Watch Meteor […]

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A Clearer View of the Space Bullet That Grazed Russia

From today’s New York Times, “A Clearer View of the Space Bullet That Grazed Russia”: The people of Chelyabinsk were very lucky,” Edward Lu, a former astronaut who now leads the B612 Foundation, a private initiative to detect similar asteroids, said at a Congressional hearing last week about the space threats. You can read the entire […]

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So how big are these NEOs anyway?

Sometimes it’s challenging to visualize a space object on a human scale. Artist Michael Carroll created this image size comparison of 2012DA14 (on the left) and the Chelyabinsk meteroid (on the right) shown here give us a more  understandable representation of how large the recent NEOs that have passed Earth have been. You can read more […]

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The Death of a Meteor

“Inside some of the rocky shards are glassy veins, perhaps created during the impact that broke the object away from its mother asteroid many million years ago.” Forensic study of the Russian meteor that exploded over the Urals last month. Cool stuff! You can read the rest here:

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Divers find Russian meteorite craters

“Divers searching Chebarkul Lake in Russia’s Urals region have found several craters that may be the impact zones of fragments of the now-famous meteorite that exploded over the area on February 15.” Read more about their discovery here: 

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Ed Lu’s Message: Our Cosmic Challenge

The B612 Foundation believes we should find threatening asteroids before they find us. Today’s meteor explosion over Chelyabinsk is a wake-up call that the Earth orbits the Sun in a shooting gallery of asteroids, and that these asteroids sometimes hit the Earth. Later today, a separate and larger asteroid, 2012 DA14, narrowly missed the Earth […]

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