Can you help us get to 100?

Dear B612 Friends,

When we started B612 Foundation in 2002 our focus was on asteroid deflection research and advocacy. We developed several deflection concepts, which are accepted today as standard techniques to prevent an impact.  However the key conditional phrase in preventing an impact is, “with adequate early warning.”  Realizing that unless we act ourselves humanity is unlikely to have such adequate warning, B612 has significantly scaled up our operations and initiated the Sentinel Mission.

Today I am asking many of you to join me in supporting B612’s year-end giving campaign. Since June of this year hundreds of individual donors have joined the B612 Board of Directors and Founding Circle members in support of the Sentinel Mission.


Our goal before December 31st is to have 100 new individual donors join the B612 crew. Your gift of $1,000, $250, $100, or ANY amount meaningful to you will help make Sentinel’s next milestone.  CLICK HERE to make your gift. If you have already given THANK YOU and if you would, consider forwarding this to a friend and tell them why you supported B612.

Remember, when you invest in B612 you’re helping to protect humanity from a devastating asteroid impact. Thank you for your support.

My best,

Rusty Schweickart
B612 Foundation
Co-founder, Chair Emeritus

P.S. Here is a note we recently received from a donor in Fair Oaks, California. Her gift totally made our day and is a thoughtful reminder that ANYONE can make a difference. Join here and make your gift today.


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