We truly appreciate your thoughts about why you decided to support the Sentinel Mission. Below is just a small excerpt from the many pledges of support we receive, and we enjoy reading every one of them.

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 “The deployment of Sentinel is a well-judged and prudent ‘insurance policy,’ helping to safeguard life’s future on Earth. More than that, the concept of a philanthropically sponsored project is a model for future space ventures.”

Lord Martin Rees

Astronomer Royal, B612 Strategic Advisor

“Within 100 years, there’s about a 50 percent chance of an asteroid impact on Earth more devastating than the one that struck Tunguska with the energy of about 700 Hiroshima bombs in 1908. It’s now possible to detect them in advance, but there’s no budget to do so. And yet if we did detect one, governments would quickly pool their resources and change its course. That’s why former NASA astronaut Ed Lu formed the B612 Foundation. For the price of a medium-size hospital wing, we are launching a space mission to detect and map half a million asteroids and, potentially, save humankind.”

Esther Dyson

Chairman, EDventure; Angel Investor, Trained Cosmonaut; B612 Founding Circle member

“It’s not a matter of ‘if’, but ‘when’ the earth will be subjected to another cataclysmic asteroid event.  The importance of the Sentinel Mission cannot be overstated and it is fortuitous that this mission is being sponsored by a not-for-profit foundation, allowing all citizens of the earth to participate.  I feel fortunate to be a part of the Sentinel Team and hope all will join me in this very important endeavor.”

Robert Berry

Retired Director of Space Exploration Systems, Lockheed Martin; Sentinel Special Review Team

To turning fiction into reality! To protect the world my grandparents left us.

Jesse P.

It seems like one of the best ways to insure the survival of our species. Early detection is key, so I hope that my donation will get the eye in the sky that much faster.

Martin I.

I teach an Earth Science course at Collin College in Frisco, TX. I went to the Perot Museum during a “Social Science” event to watch the B612 Foundation’s presentation. My Earth Science students always respond with curiosity when I mention the goal of the B612 Foundation and the Sentinel telescope, so my donation is partially to thank you for inspiring students in a STEM field. I look forward to the day when Sentinel is keeping watch. Good luck in your efforts.

Paul P.

I heard a radio broadcast of Dr. Lu’s presentation to the Commonwealth Club. I agreed with the mission, the principle that the private sector is more efficient, and it’s time to take personal action versus relying on government programs.

Abbie B.

Saw Rusty Schweickhart at an Astronaut Scholarship Foundation event. Was so inspired by his work on tracking asteroids, had a great chat with him. Then I saw the NOVA episode with Ed Lu and Rusty describing the B612 project. That sealed the deal.

Theresa C.

I’ve given previously and wanted to chip in again. I’ve made the comment in the past that I believe it is a moral obligation to contribute to the defense and survival of the species. I can’t stop people from polluting the air, but I sure can give to help build a defense satellite to identify and track small and potentially deadly objects in our solar system.

Danny P.

While researching innovative technology for The Belleau Wood Group last year, I came across some media about you guys and have been following the developments off and on ever since! I don’t earn much, but I’m told every little bit counts when it comes to making a massive difference. So that’s all I’m trying to do. Here’s to the pale blue dot and the unsung heroes trying to save it.

Ashley O.

I believe that the B612 Foundation is doing important work to promote awareness of the the risk of asteroid impacts and to take an important step in actually doing something about it through the Sentinel project.

Chuck M.

“I’m a college student and in less than a year I will graduate with a BA degree in Emergency Management. At this point I cannot really afford to donate more, but I truly believe in the mission and ideas that the B612 Foundation works towards each day. I just wanted to say thank you for having the courage and drive to take it upon yourselves to save the world when no other entity will step up to the challenge. Keep up the great work – it is appreciated very much.”

Melissa R.

Heard about it from a news article on the internet. My inspiration for giving is that i recognize the existential threat and think this effort is woefully underfunded and I want to help make at least a small difference.

Paul G.

“I am from the future, and I can tell you that a key technological achievement is the launch of the B612 Sentinel mission, which not only enables mankind to successfully identify and deflect an asteroid that would otherwise have struck the planet and caused massive economic disruption, but also aids in mapping out 90% of the inner system asteroids, paving the way for asteroid mining and the next great boom in human civilization.  Support B612 and be part of future history.”

Yishan Wong

CEO, Reddit.com; B612 Founding Circle member

I like the idea of being proactive. Why sit and wait for catastrophe to strike before doing something about it? Seeing the video of asteroid impacts since 2000 was a wake-up call that we need to get this satellite into orbit now.

Keith S.

I heard Dr. Ed Lu on a podcast of the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco. The Baby Boomers get trashed at every turn. What better way to redeem ourselves than to leave the legacy of global survival to our children and grandchildren! Give what you can. The science is ironclad. Let’s do this!

Frederick J.

I read about it on the BBC online news. I support your efforts 100%. Thank-you for helping to safeguard our precious planet.

Ed F.

I saw your video on the www.theregister.co.ukweb site. I’d like to donate as I feel that it is only a matter of time before a catastrophic event happens – anything we can do to predict these and possibly prevent them is worthwhile!

Alan P.

Safety of humanity and because good, but shocking, to see private enterprise doing one of the few things that Government actually should do.

Robert N.

I want to make the planet a safer place for my kids.

Kevin D.

“Knowledge is needed.  More NEO observations from the ground and from space are required to understand the hazard.  More research on deflection and mitigation is necessary.  Space missions like Sentinel with its infrared space telescope will help to provide the information we seek.” 

Carolyn Shoemaker

American astronomer and co-discoverer of Comet Shoemaker–Levy 9; B612 Strategic Advisor

“In my view, there are several reasons to support B612’s Sentinel: foremost – it could indeed save humanity (i.e., the dinosaurs didn’t have a space program). Second, in these times of fiscal austerity it is magnificent and inspiring to see this heroic effort, by an extraordinarily competent group of individuals, to launch and run a privately-funded deep-space mission, becoming a model for further scientific enterprise.”

Pierre Schwob

Founder, ContextU; SETI Trustee

My children (ages 2 years and 4 months).

Michael J.

“We need to protect all the people we have here so they can have a happy life wherever they are living and they can have fun and stuff.”


4th grader at Colham Ferry Elementary School, Watkinsville GA

“All of this means more security for Earth, and more security for us. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited about this new development!”


4th grader at Colham Ferry Elementary School, Watkinsville, GA

The Sentinel Program is essential for the well being of humans and all life on Earth. I heard about the B612 Foundation through a BBC story.

Ladd P.

Attended a talk with Ed and Rusty and was convinced that Sentinel is an essential next step to eventually protecting Earth from asteroid impacts. I contributed last year and this is my continuing support for 2014.

John H.

I contributed to Sentinel inspired by the stories that future generations will tell of how we came together to save ourselves and them, and the stories that may never be told if we do not.

Ty A.

Being involved with a series of projects for the public good, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the details and forget to look at the big picture. We are now literally able to save the world, and while doing that, to prove that technology can be used for great, uncontrovertible good.

Rafael K.

If there is even a remote possibility, that we can help prevent a possible catastrophe to our home, shouldn’t we? I only wish I could give more!

Matthew S.

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