Gifts of Stock

The B612 Foundation is pleased to accept gifts of stock. A stock contribution is valued based on IRS regulations. The value is determined by the mean of the high and the low value of the security on the day that it is credited to a nonprofit account. DTC transfers of securities are received anonymously. In order to track your gift’s arrival and ensure that it is credited properly, please forward a copy of your instructions sent to your broker to us. Instructions may be faxed to 1.650.618.1493 or emailed to [email protected].

Tell your Broker the following for gifting securities to B612:

DTC clearing number is #0015

FBO is 233-359054

And you will want to provide your broker instructions about the gift:

CUSIP number of the Stock

Symbol and name of the Stock

The number of shares

The tax identification number for B612 Foundation is 54-2078469

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