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Ed Lu’s Message: Our Cosmic Challenge

The B612 Foundation believes we should find threatening asteroids before they find us. Today’s meteor explosion over Chelyabinsk is a wake-up call that the Earth orbits the Sun in a shooting gallery of asteroids, and that these asteroids sometimes hit the Earth. Later today, a separate and larger asteroid, 2012 DA14, narrowly missed the Earth […]

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DA14: A Wake Up Call from Space

On February 15th, the people of planet Earth will receive a wake-up call from our Solar System.  Asteroid 2012 DA14, discovered just 1 year ago, will narrowly miss hitting the Earth by only 17 thousand miles.  That is about the distance the Earth travels in just 15 minutes, so this truly is a close shave.  […]

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Prototype Sensors – B612's Next Contract with Ball Aerospace

A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you the great news that our all-star Sentinel Standing Review Team (SSRT) had carefully reviewed our technical and management plans and found that we are on track towards a successful mission. However, one of the main recommendations was that before we sign a comprehensive contract with Ball […]

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A treasure-trove of objects for astronomers to study

Astronomers are searching for and finding Near Earth Asteroids nearly every day. Recently, some of the new discoveries have been ones that will (or have already!) come close to the Earth. These include asteroids with provisional names 2012 TC4, 2012 TV, and 2012 DA14.   See the complete list of close-approaching asteroids HERE.   When […]

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Yes This Is Rocket Science!

The Sentinel Special Review Team at the Program Concept and Implementation Review (Sept. 13, 2012 in Boulder CO) The process of building, launching and operating the Sentinel Mission is in fact “rocket science”.  And because the mission of Sentinel to find threatening asteroids before they find us is so important, we realized it was crucial […]

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Private citizens worldwide can make a difference in space exploration

The B612 Foundation is pushing the limits of private sector space exploration.  Our Mission Architect, Scott Hubbard, has an excellent commentary on this trend in the latest issue of Space News.  The really revolutionary aspect of this trend is that private citizens worldwide can make a difference in space exploration by supporting projects of their […]

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