Astronaut Plays Liquid Ping Pong in Space

An astronaut played ping pong in space in January 2016. If you are amazed to know this news, then there is more news for you. He played the ping pong not with any traditional ping pong ball, but with a ball of water.

How can he play ping pong with a ball of water?

In the space, there is no gravity. Things just fly or stand still. It largely depends on how the things are kept.

For example, if you throw something in space, it will continue to travel at the same speed. As there is no air, there will be no blocking.
The same thing happened with this astronaut. The name of this astronaut is Scott Kelly. He was in the international space station for 300 days.

He shared his video from the international space station. In this video, he said that he had some paddles which repel water. These paddles were hydrophobic. The hydrophobic paddles are like a raincoat. So, it becomes easy to play with water.

How did he play ping pong with a ball of water?

The hardest part of this ping pong was to beat a ball of water. It’s very risky in the space to play with water like stuff. If these water drops break into tiny particles, it can create disturbances within the space station.

However, Kelly in this video remained very cautious. He just pushed a tiny ping-pong shaped water drop from his water bag. Through a pipe, the water takes the shape of a ball. As there is no air and no gravitation, so, the water retained that shape.

After this Kelly with his water repellent paddles pushed the water ball up and down. The water ball moved from one side to the other with a very little push. Kelly with his experienced hands controlled the paddles and watched the water ball’s movement.

It was fascinating to watch somebody playing ping pong with a ball of water.

Being a Champion in Space

To become a ping pong champion like Kelly you have to travel to space and this will be a completely different experience for you. It’s not easy to play ping pong like Kelly. He was almost a year in space, and then he could do that.

If you think that you could be a champion with this ping pong table and paddles, you may have to consider many facts.

All the movements including your body movements must be trained. Without proper training, you may not have any chance to play like this.
The most important part is the velocity of the water ball. The astronaut played with the ball with extreme caution. If he had used more force, the water ball would not even be there. It would have caused an accident in space. The controlling played over the ball is the prime fact.

But, if you are experienced and skilled, you can be a champion with this ping pong table and paddles. You need a water repellent table and water repellent paddles.

Kelly has shown a marvelous thing on space. If you get inspiration from Kelly to play ping pong like him, You should be preparing yourself.