Conceptual illustration of gravity tractor. Art by Dan Durda.

apophis close approach 2029

Apophis Close Approach, 2029. Conceptual art by Dan Durda.

The B612 Foundation was established in 2002. In our first ten years as a volunteer organization, our focus was on asteroid deflection research and advocacy. The team developed several deflection concepts, ones that are accepted today as standard techniques to prevent an impact. The following blog posts were issued/posted prior to the B612  Foundation’s decision to build, launch and operate the Sentinel Space Telescope, which was announced in June 2012.


Ed Lu speaks at TedX NASA

Decision program on asteroid threat mitigation

Joint study with JPL

National Research Council Report on NEO hazards

NASA Advisory Council Report on Planetary Defense

JPL Evaluation of Gravity Tractor

Congressional hearing on NASA’s NEO Report

NASA’s NEO Report to Congress

Independent Analysis of Alternatives to Divert NEO

NASA NEO Workshop 2006

NEOs: The Katrinas of the Cosmos?

Towing Asteroids with Gravitational Tractor

B612 Foundation Press Statement

Better Collision Insurance

National Space Society, International Space Development Conference

World Federation of Scientists’ Multidisciplinary Core Group on Planetary Emergencies

World Federation of Scientists’ International Seminars on Planetary Emergencies

Testimony of Rusty Schweickart and Ed Lu

The hazard of near-Earth asteroid impacts on earth

AIAA 2004 Planetary Defense Conference; Protecting Earth From Asteroids

The Asteroid Tugboat

Letter to the President

OECD Global Science Forum Workshop on Near Earth Objects

The Gravity Tractor deflection concept

Asteroid Apophis and the B612 exchange with NASA

A Gravitational Tractor for Towing Asteroids

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